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Maxine Waters Loses It At Church – Video Catches Her Calling Republican Senators Dishonorable

It looks to us like Maxine Waters banked her entire reputation on impeaching Donald Trump.

But things aren’t working out her way. With Trump to soon be acquitted, Waters appears to be losing her mind.

A church invited her to speak this Sunday. And what do you think she talked about?

God? Faith? Family?

She talked about her fellow colleagues in government. And it got pretty ugly, especially for a Sunday morning.

Yeah, you won’t be seeing this in the mainstream media.

From YouTube:

Woah. Waters calls many in the Senate “racists” and dishonorable. She said, “they claim to be patriots, but they are no patriots.”

Seems like Waters is eating sour grapes over this impeachment. She had spent nearly three years promising her supporters she’d get rid of Trump.

She went on CNN, MSNBC, anyone that would give her air time, accusing the president of all sorts of crimes (long before Ukraine came up).

Yet after all that, he will be cleared in the Senate.

Why, according to Republican Senators? Because the House didn’t prove their case, not for any other reason.

Does Waters admit she was wrong? Does she now want to focus on helping the American people?


Instead, she gets behind the pulpit of a church and smears Republicans with some of the ugliest insults you can use.

Sorry, Maxine, but we don’t think there is anything “dishonorable” about standing up for the Constitution. There is nothing “dishonorable” about defending the president.

What is dishonorable? Many people think launching an impeachment over non-crimes during an election year is.

And, may I say, what is dishonorable is calling your colleagues in Washington terrible things for standing up for America and her Constitution.

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